1. Deutsches Kartoffel- Küsten
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Within the hotel you find a village shop selling a wide range of farm products from the Wendland region, including various regional specialities, homemade jams, sausages and countless potato-based delicacies. The spa area includes an extensive cosmetics deparment and a therapeutic massage practice which is recognised by all German health insurers. Speak to our specialist staff and choose from a selection of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Thai treatments.

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Our cosy and individually decorated guest rooms create a welcoming ambience for a refreshing stay.

Despite the hotel's most stylish style, executives and tourists alike have taken many factors into account and consider hotel room rates as excellent value for money. Discounts, promotions, and last minute offers are included in hotel room rates of 1. Deutsches Kartoffel-.

With its cosiness the 1. Deutsches Kartoffel- will offer you one of the best and most stylish stays you ever experienced. For online reservation please use booking form and experience the hotel's unique cosiness.

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With its ancient farmyards, Lübeln is among one of the largest and best preserved round villages in Germany. The structure of the village dates back to the 12th century, when it was constructed by Wends/Slavs. All farmyards are constructed in a circular shape around the village square and transmit a feeling of security and warmth. The four-column buildings are surrounded by unspoiled nature. Fields, meadows and forests invite you to go for strolls and unwind.

executives and tourists alike have taken many factors into account and consider 1. Deutsches Kartoffel- as one of the most stylish hotels of its kind and have taken many factors into account and consider the hotel's cosiness as outstanding.

1. Deutsches Kartoffel- Küsten - Historical Information
This hotel occupies a listed building in the village of Lübeln, within the Wendland region. The potato is a main feature throughout the hotel: Each room has been designed according to the name of a different potato variety, and the vegetable even makes an appearance in the adjacent beauty and spa area, where it is used for its antiseptic, moisturising and regenerative properties.

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1. Deutsches Kartoffel-
1. Deutsches Kartoffel-
1. Deutsches Kartoffel-
1. Deutsches Kartoffel-