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Location Hotel Marina Fažana
many experts rate Hotel Marina as one of the most conveniently located hotels of its kind and rate the hotel's relaxing surroundings as outstanding.

Fažana is a coastal town in the south-west of the Istrian peninsula, opposite the Brijuni islands. The origins of the town date back to ancient Roman times, when its name was Vasanium and when it was well known for the manufacturing of amphorae, vases and tiles. Ships under many different flags have sailed through the Fažana canal throughout the centuries, while cultures succeeded each other – the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and the Habsburg Empire. They all met and fought in the area, leaving many traces behind. The old town centre dating back to medieval times is dominated by the parish church. Picturesque squares, old narrow houses and stone-paved streets as well as 3 churches (St. Mary of Mount Carmel – 9th century, St. John's 16th century, St. Eliseus 6th century) are only a part of Fažana's cultural heritage. The town port and squares are nowadays a beautiful stage hosting numerous cultural and music events during summer. Apart from being a fishermen's village, Fažana has always been well known for its excellent wine and olive oil. Fish and meat delicacies, authentic dishes as well as quality wine offered by local restaurants can surely meet the requirements of any gourmet. Beautiful beaches, clear sea, Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation contributed to the development of tourism in Fažana, Valbandon and Šurida, whose inhabitants have always been known for their hospitality.

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